4 Reasons Why Your Student Visa Application Can Get Rejected

4 Reasons Why Your Student Visa Application Can Get Rejected

If you’ve been denied a Canada student visa from Dubai, you may be wondering what to do next. Listed below are some common reasons why your application gets rejected: insufficient English or documents, lack of a foreign residence, and more. Hopefully, one or more of these reasons won’t happen to you. Read on to learn more about these common issues and how to avoid them! Here are a few other common issues, too.

Insufficient English

Insufficient English is one of the reasons why many student visa applications get rejected. Students often have limited knowledge of the universities and courses they wish to pursue. A vague answer to a question in a credibility interview will cause the consul to decline your application. The interviewer will want to know why you are choosing a particular university and the cost of living in the country you wish to study. Compiling all required documents is also an important part of the application process. If you fail to provide supporting documents, your application will be delayed or rejected.

Insufficient documents

If you cannot provide adequate proof of financial support, your student visa application will most likely be denied. Your financial support must include evidence that you have liquid assets readily available for immediate use. If your visa application is denied due to a lack of financial support, the consular officer will not expect you to have enough money to last for the duration of your program. Your financial support must at least cover your first academic year.

Suspicious courses or institutions

There are several reasons why your student visa application is rejected. For example, you may have studied at a university with a questionable reputation. For example, you might have attended an institution with historical ties to the military. If you study in a developing country, you might be concerned that the consulate may suspect that you are studying military science. Regardless of your reasons, however, you should know that these factors can play a role in refusing your student visa application.

Lack of a foreign residence

A lack of a foreign residence can be one of the most common reasons a student visa application is rejected. The consular mindset is to see an international student in another country before approving them to come to the country and study. Therefore, students must prove they’ll be able to support themselves and their families in the destination country while studying.