What Mistakes We Make When Decorating With Balloons

What Mistakes We Make When Decorating With Balloons

Decoration with birthday balloons requires a lot of planning and resources. If done incorrectly, the result can make the decorators and the hosts very unhappy. Listed below are some of the common mistakes we make with balloons. Read on to learn how to avoid them and create an atmosphere that will delight your guests.

Avoiding photo theft:

While it may be tempting to share photos of your wedding day with your friends, this practice can be illegal. It is a criminal offense if the person who takes your pictures uses your image for commercial purposes. However, you can avoid this problem by following some simple guidelines.

Avoiding helium balloon bouquets:

While helium balloon bouquets look gorgeous, they are best kept in specially designed plastic bags. Helium balloon decorations planners often use these bags to preserve their balloons for future events. The air in helium balloons is extremely dangerous, especially when it’s inhaled or scratched. Pets should be kept away from the balloons, as well. If you don’t want to risk causing a fire or damaging your home or car, opt for a bouquet instead.

Avoiding pom-pom tails:

A common mistake many balloon decorators make when decorating with balloons is to attach pom-pom tails to the balloons. While pom-pom tails add a touch of sparkle, they are also prone to rolling and falling. To avoid this problem, purchase a clear balloon with a neck 18 inches in diameter and tie the pom-poms with a small strand of ribbon. Pom-poms can be adhered to the balloon using a glue gun.

For a simple and inexpensive alternative, try making your reusable pom-poms. You can find reusable ones made from netting at home depot and craft stores. They are also more durable than paper pom-poms. Another easy-to-make way is to make paper chains from old newspapers and magazines. Or, you can dye them yourself with food coloring. Either way, these decorations are as unique as the guests themselves.

Creating a cozy ambiance with balloons:

Creating a cozy ambiance can be easy, even if you don’t have a working fire. Candles, lanterns, and pillar candles create a warm ambiance. Be sure to follow fire safety guidelines and don’t leave burning candles unattended. Blues are soothing colors and can create a cool, cocooning effect. You can pair blues with gentle greys for a sophisticated, cozy atmosphere.