What You Should Know About Gastric Banding

What You Should Know About Gastric Banding

For individuals with extreme weight loss issues, gastric band Dubai is a good option for them. It is a non-invasive procedure wherein a band is placed around the upper part of your abdomen (bands have been around even before lap-bands). This band limits the amount of food intake by the patient as it decreases the level of food intake in your stomach. However, when food is ingested in the stomach, the band causes a feeling of fullness just like when you eat a large meal. However, the discomfort is much milder this way.

Unlike gastric band surgery, gastric sleeve gastrectomy involves removal of a part of the stomach’s lining, also known as the peritoneum. With this type of surgery, you can reduce your weight loss, but the risks are also greater. It is recommended for people who have undergone bariatric surgery as well as those who are considered to be at high risk factors for weight loss.

Patients who undergo gastric banding or key hole surgery Dubai may feel nausea and chest pain after the procedure. However, most patients lose about three pounds in the first week. The majority of patients lose about five pounds in two weeks time. This weight loss continues until six months and many patients lose more than ten pounds during the first year of follow-up.

The benefits of gastric banding include permanent weight loss. You need not eat less to achieve your weight loss goal because the band will force you to consume fewer calories than your body normally produces. You can eat as much as you want but you do not get hungry. This helps maintain your health as you gradually eliminate the food in your stomach. Another advantage of lap-band surgery is that it reduces the risk of nutritional deficiencies as the food gets digested more quickly. Your digestive system is also able to cope with a smaller amount of food.

As with any weight-loss surgery, one important thing to consider before having the procedure is the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. If you choose a qualified surgeon, then your chances of having side effects are very low. Most people experience side effects when they use lap-band or gastric banding. One common problem is the need to urinate frequently after the procedure. A small number of patients find their skin becoming sore after the procedure.

Before undergoing weight loss surgery, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures. The surgery is cheaper and may give you faster results. With lap-band surgery, you also have to take caution to correct your diet as soon as you end up losing some weight. The sleeve gastrectomy is considered to be the best solution if you have tried other methods and still do not get the results you desire.