The Low-Down On Solar Water Pumps

The Low-Down On Solar Water Pumps

As we know that there are so many advantages of solar water pumps like it is helpful for remote areas, it can help to save energy, and it helps to save environment. Governments are taking step for solar energy systems because it saves the electricity and even World Bank is trying to advertise this energy. And solar water pump is becoming famous almost all over the world and its getting good result.

On top of it, it’s becoming solar solutions in UAE and business of solar panel suppliers in Dubai is enhancing day by which is very good thing. Dubai government wants to save the energy for the country and they are trying their best for the country. As we have discussed about the advantages of solar water pumps but here is some disadvantages of solar water pumps.


The cost of solar panel is very high when you buy first time and middle class families can’t afford it. This is why it is important for the higher authorities to think in this regard and they should take step to make it easy for everyone to buy it. Cost of solar panel is included inverters, buying of solar panels, batteries, installation and wirings it take so much cost. This is inclusive of having to pay for inverters, solar panels, wiring, and batteries. Let’s not forget, you will also have to pay for the installation.

Bad Weather:

Well everybody knows that solar panel works with sunshine of the sun and if there would not be sunshine and would be bad weather so how it would work, definitely it would not work. Especially, in some part of Europe where most of the countries are very cold and they could not see sun for at least 3 or 4 months. That would not be suitable for these countries.

Expensive Batteries:

Solar panels work in sunshine and for its working at they would need some storage of energy which is expensive. Everybody can’t buy heavy batteries which are very expensive to buy, but batteries can be  used to store the energy for use it at night. It is a very good thing to save the energy, but it’s expensive.

Takes up lots of space: Sometime you need more electricity for your consumption so you will need more panels to produce more electricity and it will take more places for solar panels.