Importance of nursery education

Importance of nursery education

Parents prefer homeschooling their kids instead of admitting them in nursery schools because they think their kids are too little for school. However, it is actually beneficial for a kid to get nursery education from proper nursery school because it introduces them to the concept of school. Nursery schools are operated in a way that a child feels at home and also learn some basic stuff in a friendly environment. Primary schools do not have that friendly environment and they have proper syllabus hence teachers have to stick to certain style.

A nursery school has colorful classrooms with toys and different learning stuff that a kid can play with and also learn basic stuff. They get to meet other kids and learn to communicate. The skills and knowledge that a kid gets from nursery school nurture him and prepare his mind for further schooling.

According to a research, Nursery education improves a child’s social skills, behavioral problems (if any), help him achieve better grades without extra help or tuition and also make him confident which is beneficial for a child’s personality development.

A child’s mind can learn and remember more stuff than a grown man so it is better not to waste those years and make them learn stuff that can be helpful for them in long run like languages. It has also been find out that a child learns better in a friendly, kind and tension free environment surrounded with kids of same age group.

Nursery education focuses on the cognitive development of a kid as he interacts with other kids and practice what he has learn. It also teach him how to interact with kids his age with kindness and to his teachers with respect.

The tension free environment makes them feel at home which let them be creative as they play around with mud, crayons, colors and other toys especially designed for nursery school kids.

Nursery schools help them in their oral activities like poem recitation, storytelling, singing rhymes and songs etc. This also improves their listening and understanding ability. Kids even get toilet trained which is a great help for mothers. Nursery going kids also learn about the importance of time and how to manage it as they have to follow a proper schedule throughout their day. They also learn how to write and pronounce alphabets and counting etc.

British nursery school in Dubai is really good for children as they have a friendly and tension free environment where a child can learn without fear and also feels at home. They can be later admitted at the best primary school in Dubai for further schooling.